not stoned, just slightly pebbled


I hate when you’re pregnant and angry and someone tells you that you’re just being hormonal..
That is the equivalent of someone asking if you’re on your period.
I’m not being hormonal you just know how to FUCKING PISS ME OFF.

  • Person:

    So how's the baby?!

  • What you think:

    I don't know, alive? The fuck am I supposed to say to that?

  • What you say:


Pregnancy Problems


Cannot. Poop. Ever.
There is no comfortable position to sleep in.
Bleeding gums.
Peeing every 5 minutes.
Exhaustion is my life.
Stretching skin on my boobs and belly is so itchy.
My nipples feel like they’ve been exposed to a cheese grater.
My mood changes from “I love you” to “I hope you rot in hell” in .01 seconds without warning.



I still get that now that I have my son. 😒

Seeing something from your blog on your dashboard.. Awesome!