when you try to flick away a bug but it comes towards you instead



you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

I’m the nicest rude person you’ll ever meet, I don’t give a fuck about anything but at the same time I care about a lot, I hate people but I develop crushes easily, I hate myself but at the same time I’m completely fabulous.


starbucks and gold iphone = basic white girls cx 

IG: quality personal


sorry i only like people that i never have a chance with


My baby belly!!

For everyone that has been asking me… Yes I’m past my due date but no I haven’t had the baby yet. If I don’t have him before September 2nd I will be scheduled to be induced and have him then but I am really hoping he comes before next Tuesday. So PLEASE stop asking if he is here yet. I will let people know once he is born.


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